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The Rules

House Rules

$30.00 buy-in, Poor House Game
If you lose all of your chips, you continue to receive cards until you win a hand.
Until that time, when it is your deal, the table antes for you.


Dealer antes $.10 per player for the table and deals whatever game he likes.  Unless the dealer specifies otherwise, it is implied that an Ace is always the highest single card in a hand, a deuce the lowest.  In low-ball games, straights and flushes can’t be used as low hands with the exception of the ‘little wheel’ (A-2-3-4-5), which is the lowest possible hand.


$.10 minimum bet.


$.50 maximum bet in 7-card games through the first 4 cards, $1.00 maximum bet on the remaining 3 cards.


$1.00 maximum bet on any card in 5-card games.


Three raises are permitted on each card dealt, in any denomination, $.10 minimum.


Checking, then raising, is permitted and-depending on who's involved-encouraged.


In games where there are community cards and no individual exposed hands, the bet will float clockwise with each card dealt, starting from the dealer’s left.  In all other non-draw hands, the player with the highest hand (in high, and split-pot games) controls the bet, the player with the worst hand (in low-ball games) controls the bet.  In draw games, the player who first opens controls the bet.

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