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2005 Photos

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Kevin, Rich, Becky, Don and Terry
The whole 2005 Crew at Bovine's

Terry and Kevin Kevin, Becky and Rich Kevin and Terry Rich and Becky
Terry, Don, Rich and Becky
The Crew relaxing in Margaritaville at the Huffman's-prior to the 'incident'

Did Kevin go over to the darkside?
Hey Cupcake-what was that all about anyway????

A Weapon of Ass Destruction
Dry rot, you say? Hmmm....

Looks good so far Oh Oh! Fore left!!!!!
Kevin's evil twin 'Muffin' launching another rocket
on the range at World Tour

Rich, Terry, Kevin and Don
The Golf Crew on the first tee at World Tour
prior to lauching 38 unsuspecting balls into watery graves

Augusta #12 Augusta #12
The 14th at World Tour-
a weak reproduction of the 12th at Augusta National

Fore right!!!!!!
Oh %$#)(_*%(*!!!!!!

The Crew at Bovine's
Who's buying the next round?-
Rich, Becky, Kevin, and Terry at Bovine's

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